About Us

ItalyinTrade is a portal created and managed by a group of specialists in web marketing and trade. 

Why ItalyinTrade?

For many companies  keep pace with the dynamic nature of the Internet is a business really prohibitive, it is estimated that about 60% of business sites has no visits and their presence in the search engines is reduced to a flicker; get visits and compete with international giants now it has become a cost that the income statements of many companies can no longer support.

We started with a trivial concept and after a careful analysis we believe that our project, our mission will make a difference.

Why not gather under one roof all the companies that share the same goal or bring their products abroad?

The Made in Italy is an important brand, demand around the world, so why not support this demand? Thanks to the presence in italyintrade.it, each company will increase its presence on the web and shorten the chain of exports, increasing profits and customer numbers.

How we work?

The group behind ItalyinTrade works using what is now known by the term networking, work with the conviction that only by creating value the machine will be unstoppable.

We are based in Macerata Campania, in the province of Caserta, but all of our employees work using cloud storage, collaboration managment software, and using video conferencing, for a quick contact and effective, practicable directly at any time. We decided to dematerialize their jobs, gaining in terms of enthusiasm and performance.